The Real Live Display!

At my high school library, I created a display based off the illuminating and compelling work, Eating Animals, by Jonathan Safran Foer. With mentorship from my lovely high school librarian, I was able to create a sort of temporary museum. Which is super cool, don’t lie. Teachers (mainly in the subjects of environmental science and biology) brought their classes down to incorporate the information in their lessons, and a webinar with Jonathan Safran Foer was held in the library with over 40 students in attendance. Many thanks to the lovely organization Farm Forward  for creating this opportunity for schools across the country! So go ahead a sneak a peek at my first step toward awareness and action.

Display Photos


A Note from the Curator

Hello there!

My name is Beth Ann and I’m currently a senior here with a gap in my schedule and a thirst for knowledge and thus become the unofficial/official Library Research Assistant. So my work here includes researching a topic I’m passionate about and finding effective and engaging ways for all of you to share this information as well. This first exhibit is about the Trojan Horse of degradation, sliding into our homes and onto our plates without most of us being any the wiser: factory farming and the meat we consume multiple times, daily.

So explore! Have a look around and please, please, PLEASE react! Use the space in the comments here to express what you think!

Thanks for your curiosity! I hope you’ve learned something, and I hope you want to learn more.